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Ticking sound

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Does anyone hear a fast ticking sound coming from what seems like under the front part of the gas tank at cruising speeds?
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spellcast1 said:
couldit be the fuel pump ? I know on our new FI YZ450 you can hear the pump which is near the tank
mines had a mild tick right out of the box, its doesn't seem to problem-sum, my last bike had the same thing
MY said:
Sounds like a BOMB to me ;D Seriously I've got it to, but no need to worry. I had it on my other bike to. Its coming from the rad. Next time you hear it, check it out. One of the things with having a rad on a bike. Check out other makes that have rads. Sometimes its loader or softer depending on the bike. Solution to the problem......... LOAD PIPES ;D That's why Harleys have load pipes. To cover all the noises they make.

yea those motors rattle themselves to death...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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