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Tire Specs

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Metzeler: 240/40R/18 = 25.8" tall
Dunlop: 240/40R/18 = 25.91" tall
Avon: 240/40R/18 = 25.5 " tall

Dunlop: 250/40R/18 = 26.2 " tall
Avon: 250/40R/18 = 25.8" tall
Metzeler Does Not Make A 250/40R/18 Tire

Hope this helps some
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if your rim is the same size as the raider rear....it will fit.
If you order....check out denniskirk, and jakewilson.
They have the best rates and free shipping.
I really dont know......I guess you should email or call them.
lol, I get that alot........yes it is sista!
I have many many great brothers too. ;D
There have been issues with metzlers....lots of info out there on it and they don't stand behind their product.
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