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Tire Specs

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Metzeler: 240/40R/18 = 25.8" tall
Dunlop: 240/40R/18 = 25.91" tall
Avon: 240/40R/18 = 25.5 " tall

Dunlop: 250/40R/18 = 26.2 " tall
Avon: 250/40R/18 = 25.8" tall
Metzeler Does Not Make A 250/40R/18 Tire

Hope this helps some
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dejablu110 said:
If you order....check out denniskirk, and jakewilson.
They have the best rates and free shipping.

What about shipping to canada? we always get raped on shipping and exchange even though our dollar is higher..
dejablu110 said:
I really dont know......I guess you should email or call them.
Thanks bro
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