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Tire Specs

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Metzeler: 240/40R/18 = 25.8" tall
Dunlop: 240/40R/18 = 25.91" tall
Avon: 240/40R/18 = 25.5 " tall

Dunlop: 250/40R/18 = 26.2 " tall
Avon: 250/40R/18 = 25.8" tall
Metzeler Does Not Make A 250/40R/18 Tire

Hope this helps some
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So for sure a 250 tire will fit on the stock wheel ?? I'm
Ordering it now need to know asap
Yes if you trim the lower belt guard. And if you have cut out the crap under the taillight on the stock fender.
Thanks for the input Shane. All I know is from the mock up I did with my Dunlop. Which is taller than the Avon. Plus I've got the Low and Mean fender
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