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Tire Specs

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Metzeler: 240/40R/18 = 25.8" tall
Dunlop: 240/40R/18 = 25.91" tall
Avon: 240/40R/18 = 25.5 " tall

Dunlop: 250/40R/18 = 26.2 " tall
Avon: 250/40R/18 = 25.8" tall
Metzeler Does Not Make A 250/40R/18 Tire

Hope this helps some
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I put on the Avon 250 and it fits great. Just left the lower belt guard off.
I have mine hanging on a backroom wall at my office Bozz, if you don't get it before the morning I'll get it for ya 1st thing in the morning
My wife had to run by my office so I asked her to check it, she is saying roughly 8 7/8" wide by 24.5" tall, I'll double check in the morning and let you know if I come up with anything different
Yep, it will fit but would require serious nodding or complete removal of the belt guards
check with Schimbo on the Dunlop, I'm pretty sure that's what he runs
There was a big thread last summer on here about the metzler tires but I think it still has a lot to do with rising style
Can't see as to where you would need to, I go 275 and the little woman about 130, dropped 1" with Avon 250 and no scrub
we lowered mine the max on the PCS links and myself and one of the techs who is bigger than me got on it, basically bottomed out the bike but they swear I still would have a good 1/2" space left, still wasn't enough for me to feel safe with the Mrs on the back so I raised it back up to the 1" drop. It's relatively easy to change back and forth so go for it and see if you like it
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