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To keep or not....

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Hey guys and gals...I decided to black out part of my speedo, and I am on the fence with the results. Yes, I know I need to clean it up some with the xacto knife along the edges, but what do y'all think? Keep it or no....hmmm...decisions, decisions.....

Well, since I can't post the pic here, it is in my pictures. There are two of them showing the speedo....
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Thank you, all. I will try to remove the tank strip and do something similar, same with the key housing. Also...I find that using that **** painters blue tape is horrible....I will try the frog tape instead. Will put pics up when done. :)
Coors, that is exactly what I used. The plasti-dip in a spray can..... there are 3 coats on it. The third coat gave it a textured look, similar to the flat black parts on our bikes.... :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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