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Are you ready to clean up your rear? No toilet paper required... 😜 I have gotten a lot of questions regarding the 2015 and newer assembled fender eliminator. So for those that are wondering, let me tell you a little bit about our fender eliminator.

It does come pre-assembled out of the box ready to plug right in to the bike with a preinstalled plug for your year.

No, it doesnt have hyperflash.

The wire harness routes in the same place as the stock.
You literally take off the rear fender, a 5 minute job, remove you stock tail light and bolt this one on in the same spot with the same bolts and plug in.

That's it, its extremely easy and doesnt get much easier. It's a 20 minute job. Custom Cycle Wiring is the only place you can find them for all year models and the only place that sells them pre-assembled, ready to plug in without using connectors or your stock wire harness. With this you are able to keep your stock OEM intact.

Ready to take the plunge and clean up your rear? Take the next step at:

Thanks to all for your support and future supporters helping out a fellow stryker owner, you all are awesome! 🤘
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