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Tried to help a Sportster today...

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Was leaving the subdivision for a quick ride before dinner and saw the guy pulled over by the park. Turned around and stopped once he said he had problems. Bike totally dead. His wife showed up and tried to get it jumped(he was like 1 mile away from his house) but nothing on the gauges etc.

Apologized but said I'm not that familiar with the bike (like a 2005) or Harley's in general(although all bikes have to have some commonality...)
He told me thanks a number of times and complimented the Stryker as I drove away. Told him I hope it is something small and that I see him again around the neighborhood soon.

Bottom line to me is that a true "biker" never rides past another biker that is having problems.
They had a tow truck coming but if I had my trailer I would have skipped my ride and given him a free tow home. Well "free" if you discount the beer he would be feeding me at his house!!

I could care less what you ride as long as the misses will let you out for rides :D
And a bike model doesn't make you an a$$, you'd be that regardless of what you ride...
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I ran out of gas on the freeway the other day, in the middle of the afternoon. Luckily I was fairly close to home and the wife just brought me some gas. I was there about 15 minutes and NOBODY stopped, including several bikes.

The only person that stopped was a cop, and he was a dick about it. Acted like I was breaking a law being stopped there, and bird dogged me until I left.

Hooray SoCal
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