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Trip To Thunder Beach

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Just wanted to tell yall about my trip to thunder beach my first bike rally. Me and my wife left firday got there prolly around 4 so wasnt to bad about 4 hour ride got sprinkeled on twice. Factory seat did hurt her butt a little but she said if i done the mod where she could get her legs a little strected out might help so plan on doing that tomrorrow. Had a great time at the beach didnt step one foot on the sand though lol. Stayed out 345 sat morning met a bunch of great people. Woke up at 8 that morning wife didnt want to get up hung over so i was going to go ride a while raining like heck so stayed there until about 11 and finally pretty skies. Had her talked in to bak and cobra auto tuner but couldnt find one at none of the vindors totally sucked cause I knew if i got home without these she would prolly change her mind on me getting them. Bought some avon greips and some cool looking mirrors that we both liked and left. Setting at red light just enjoying the day a harley pulls up we are the first ones we say hey and he starts reving up a little i didnt just sat quite thinking surely my wife knows whats coming he hits green and we take off he got me on take off but i smoked his a** after that it was great had to slow down so she could catch her glasses lol. I was standing proud anyways Then went got something to eat and went out again didnt stay out long that time and i got to the room and ordered my bak and auto tuner while she was asleep lol. Got them or should i say paid for them in Flordia is what i told her she was cool with it. Rode back pretty weather sunday moring bunch of bikes to ride with she rode in a friends car so i was able to ride pretty fast the whole way home came home to the wierd weather we are having freezing and thinking dang all my jackets are in the car still had rain suit so i put it on and helped me get on home. Best expierence was me and her riding together and just being free i hate cars. Tell yall a little about us we are 27 and my wife is 28 have never really got to do anything together by ourselfes cause of our kids 8 year old boy which i adopted and our little girl 2 years old. We been together only 3 years and it has went by so fast and finally starting to slow down and enjoy life. Here are a few pics and hope you enjoy them. First ones are were we we leaving the rest is just picks while we was down there.[/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]


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ill have some more pics when i figure out how to get them off digital camera these were all from the i phone
I live in alexander city now use to live in sylacauga. I no where you are talking about work storms all over alabama. I work on power lines so travel alot. And yep pc is where we was had a great trip. Yea love the looks of her too.
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