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Well I've started this up once again, last company I was talking with just decided they didn't see the potiential market for this bike.

I've struggled with the question if its worth it, considering our setups work fine with an extention, just personally I'm not happy with how the setup looks, to me our stock controls take away from the looks, just looking at the brake light switch setup is enough for make people ask questions and frankly that's not something I want to be answering. So I've started on some new contacts in hopes of finding what I know is a better looking setup...if all else fails I'll have to do a one off mounting plate and go that route as a last resort....I just would prefer to see another option out there for fellow stryker owners...at times you feel like a step child.

Anyway I will continue and post any news regarding this...if anyone else has information on this please speak up and if your interested in doing something like this it would be good to hear....I realize its not a cheap option...just sometimes we want stuff to look the part

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