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With my Stryker still in the crate at a local dealer the wheels are already turning in my head. Just watched a video on YouTube of a turbocharged Yamaha Warrior and I figured why not. I am a Garrett WD, and was thinking about ordering a GT1548 and maybe one size bigger for mock up once I get the bike in my hands. Fabrication doesn't look all that hard and with a PC-V and raising rate fuel pressure regulator the tuning should be rather simple. I guess I will spend money on a turbocharger and piping instead of a new exhaust.

The only real question I have is what do the pipes look like going into the cylinder head and what size are they? I assume they are the same type of gasket and flange like a yamaha FZ6 sportbike would have? I would like to order some mandrel bends and flanges to get this project rollin


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Cool idea. I've been building turbo Subarus for 7 years, so I definitely like the idea.

My main problems are with turbocharging bikes:
1. It never looks neat. There are simply too many components being stuffed in such a small area (ie intercooler, piping, manifold, turbo, etc.)
2. Kinda goes along with 1. It always seems to push your legs out. I have seen a couple that route from the exhaust ports to the front of the bike near the radiator, but then you still have the exhaust piping coming by your leg.
3. Weight distribution. You put a lot of weight on one side, while nothing on the other.
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