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Upgrading to a Stebel Nautilus Compact horn

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I just got my Stebel Nautilus Compact in the mail, a definite must-have mod ever since I put one on my first street bike, a Ninja 250.

Anyway, got it in the mail and I've been trying to figure out where to put it. The stock location might work but I already think the stocker looks stupid there. Anyone got any ideas for spots I can try and put it when I (most likely) tackle this project tomorrow?
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RedStar said:
I'd like to hear a sound bite once it's installed.

me too
WLFPAK65 said:
Xavier said:
WLFPAK65 said:
Any luck with the air horn bra??? Looking to buy one also
I'm not a bra. =/

MY said:
So where have you gone on this project. Been thinking of getting one myself or the Wolo air horn, but don't see any other location, but where it is now. Pics if you did the project. Thanks :)
The problem is there really isn't anywhere to stick it. I'd like to keep it towards the front for obvious reasons but it is a pretty large unit.

However... I did find an air horn at work the other day. It looks like it could fit beautifully right above the air box so I may just cannibalize the compressor from the Stebel to run this horn. We'll see.
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