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Upgrading to a Stebel Nautilus Compact horn

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I just got my Stebel Nautilus Compact in the mail, a definite must-have mod ever since I put one on my first street bike, a Ninja 250.

Anyway, got it in the mail and I've been trying to figure out where to put it. The stock location might work but I already think the stocker looks stupid there. Anyone got any ideas for spots I can try and put it when I (most likely) tackle this project tomorrow?
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Haven't hooked it up yet because it is too big to put in the stock location. I'm thinking about relocating it to in front of the radiator somewhere and making a custom chin scoop to help protect it.
WLFPAK65 said:
Any luck with the air horn bra??? Looking to buy one also
I'm not a bra. =/

MY said:
So where have you gone on this project. Been thinking of getting one myself or the Wolo air horn, but don't see any other location, but where it is now. Pics if you did the project. Thanks :)
The problem is there really isn't anywhere to stick it. I'd like to keep it towards the front for obvious reasons but it is a pretty large unit.

However... I did find an air horn at work the other day. It looks like it could fit beautifully right above the air box so I may just cannibalize the compressor from the Stebel to run this horn. We'll see.
that sucks, keep us informed of any progress
There may be some hope after all. I managed to split the compressor from the trumpets yesterday, sucker was glued on pretty good and that's why I wasn't able to do it before. I was afraid of breaking the trumpets.

Now that I have them in two separate pieces I may be able to squeeze them in somewhere.
If I'm going to install this I've gotta come up with some kind of bracket to mount the compressor. The compressor is supposed to be mounted near vertical so that limits the options for placement and working in electric motor repair... I know the reason it should be mounted vertically. I think there is space on the swingarm under the battery tray but like I said, I will have to fab some sort of bracket.

I also haven't decided which trumpet I'm going to use yet... I might use the one that came with it AND the other one for extra loudness. The other trumpet is a bit louder but I don't know how well they would work running off the compressor together.

Trust me, I've been trying to shoehorn this goddamn thing in there somewhere.
By all means, go buy one and set up a ghetto mount. I, on the other hand, will be doing it right when I get around to it.
Both. I actually separated the compressor from the horn in order to make it more manageable. I think I've got some spots nailed down and I have a strip of steel that I plan on bending to suit what I need I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Yea, I've seen. Not for me. The stock horn is ugly enough sticking out in the open, that whole unit just looks out of place. I've got an idea for mine but just need to fab something up.
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