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I have to admit up front, I am not a mechanic and probably won't be able to answer technical and/or how to questions about this.

I bought my Raven Stryker from a dealer in DFW and they had several models on the showroom floor that were lowered. I asked about it and they told me they were using a lowering link from the R6. This netted an approximate 5" height reduction as measured from the top of the rear fender to the ground with the tire recessed into the fender about 1".

This was a coincidental solution the mechanics figured out "one rainy day when there wasn't anything else to do."

For my bike, the used a Busa link that they tell me is adjustable. It was the first bike they used it on so I'm kind of a guinea pig.

They told me with the R6 link installed, carrying a passenger is not recommended due to the chance of bottoming out.

I have put about 250 miles on the bike since lowering it. I have hit some pretty significant bumps and pot holes and have not bottomed out. I have scraped the pegs leaning around corners but nothing significant.

I am very pleased with the stance of the bike as I'm not very tall, 5'9", and it now fits me very well. With a lowered Center of Gravity it is very easy to pick the bike up off the kickstand and maneuvers well around windy roads. It does not feel like a 700lb plus bike now.

My only complaint is the seat. It now slopes down towards the back of the bike and can get uncomfortable after an hour or so. I plan to get an air cushion or replace the seat all together at some point.

I'm sorry I don't have pics on this computer but I will take some tonight and post if anyone would like to see the stance.

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So to speak........get shorter fork springs. I never had these forks apart. There may be spacers in there, or go to a shorter spring. Get the bike in the air and loosen pinch bolts and remove fork cap. Go slowly if you do this. BIKE has to be in the air with NO load on front wheel.

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