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V&H Big Radius - Baffle removal question

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Got the 2 into 2 and am going to give the baffles-out a try. I have the heat shields removed and the allen bolts at the end of the pipes are removed... But the baffles won't budge.

I've tried squirting WD-40 around... Tried pinging the pipe with a mallet a few times... trying to loosen it up, but man... I am moving the bike on the stand from pulling on the baffle, and it's still not coming out.

Is there another set of bolts further up the pipe somewhere? I only have the last bit of heat shield over the pipe ends off, so if there's another bolt somewhere up under the other heat shields, it'd save me some frustration.

If the one at the tip of the pipes is the only one, though... any other tips for breaking these baffles away from the pipe itself?
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