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V&H Big Radius exhaust available at Low and Mean

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Hey guys, Just got off the phone with V&H and we will have 5 sets in our shop next week. We will also be coating and testing them with a black finish. This is only offered through Low and Mean. We will have the complete Performance air intake, Fuel Pak, and Exhaust ready to ship out a week later. We are offering a pre-order discount for the pipes $650 chrome $750 black $225 Fuel Pak for those that are interested. There very few available and they will go fast!
Send in your request by email to [email protected]
Thanks for your support!
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Good thing suggest retail is $699?? ok, we will match that, this time around. I wonder what the wait time is from them?
We will offer them as a option when ordering. More detail on this coming soon as we will power coat and ceramic coat two different exhaust to find the best solution.
Your welcome to check out our product page to see more info.
We had the first set ceramic coated, but the best our vendor can do is $150. On top of all that we have to open the box, cut all the zip ties, remove the heat shields, drive them across town twice, and repackage. We would go out of business offering this service any cheaper then $200. Which in our mind is out of range. Plus on top of that there's no money to be made from the pipes. The investment with pipes we make 10%. We will still offer this combination, but to be honest, it's so easy to remove the heat shield and send them out yourself you can save yourself some easy money.
We are working on a video install right now to show you guys a little more.
Thanks for your support.
Here's a quick look at the pipes with the ceramic black finish.


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