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V&H Big Radius exhaust available at Low and Mean

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Hey guys, Just got off the phone with V&H and we will have 5 sets in our shop next week. We will also be coating and testing them with a black finish. This is only offered through Low and Mean. We will have the complete Performance air intake, Fuel Pak, and Exhaust ready to ship out a week later. We are offering a pre-order discount for the pipes $650 chrome $750 black $225 Fuel Pak for those that are interested. There very few available and they will go fast!
Send in your request by email to [email protected]
Thanks for your support!
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Discount for 650 ? Pacific coast star has them for 619.

Are u offering free shipping ?
Just ordered mine for $590... Im baitin on weather i will dip them black ceramic or not? but that would prolly be an extra $200
Yes please tell.
I get it from the shop i go to get all my stuff... they hook it up with a good discount since im a good cust.... by good meaning ive droped almost 10k in their shop just these past few months with insurance $$ n all
wouldnt the cobra tuner be good enough?? it does auto tune like 80x per sec or something rite??
tradezmarket said:
I contacted L&M yesterday and went for the entire package. Meaning my stock bike will now have:
1) V&H Big Radius in black (having L&M ceramic coat it)
2) V&H Fuel Pack
3) L&M Performance Air Intake Package

I think I have everything "performance" related for the bike now. After I install this in the next few weeks I'll post pics and give you updates on how the bike rides compared to stock. ;D
What r they charging to ceramic coat your pipes
Sweet Love to see the pics.... So then L&M is coating them for you for free?
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