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I met a guy yesterday on a brand new V-Strom. I'm not sure I get it. These dual purpose bikes don't really do anything for me. Although I haven't ridden one, it looks like a bad compromise on a street bike and an off road bike (i.e., it doesn't do either type of riding as it is intended). I used to do dirt bike riding and I sure wouldn't want to take this thing too far off the road. For the street, the seat is too high, the tires are all wrong and, looks aside, it doesn't appear that it can corner like a cruiser or a sports bike. Am I alone here ? :-\
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I traded my V-Strom in when I bought the Stryker. I loved the way it rode, but I'm not a sport-bike fan, just wanted to "cruise". I had the 600cc version, and had more power on-tap than I needed. It's a VERY versatile bike, I could ride on gravel and dirt, wet roads, or even in the yard without feeling unstable in the least. I simply got "cruiser fever" and went shopping. The dealer where I traded still has it on his showroom floor, listed for $4599 ($1k more than he gave me), and it's been over a year now!! I often think about buying it back, but they are just so ugly!! Anyway, just my $0.02.
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