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Valve Adjustment

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Has anyone here had the valve adjustment or done one? I questioned the Yam dealer here and they said that they had never done an adjstment on the Stryker. The 1300 engine yes but not on a Stryker. This may not be a big deal but I cringe everytime I have to take any vehicle in for service. That is why I do most of my own work. We've all been ripped-off before but it's not the money that concerns me...it's the quality of the work. BTW, The estimate was 3 hours at $75/hr.
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sdsting said:
Head michanic at the Yam dealer told me that on this bike the valves should be checked every 4k
That's a scam, report the dealer to Yamaha. Mine tried that and I called the factory to find out if they had the service memo and could fax it to me, they said that there wasn't any such memo or service bulletin. I called the dealership back and mentioned it to them and they backed off, but now I won't take my bike to them for service or repair. I'm using a local hotrod/bike shop that specializes in high end cars and bikes. AND he told me that if I need something minor (less than 1.5 hours) I can usually get it in and out same day, unlike my Yamaha dealer that had me make an appointment to drop the bike off for my 600 and didn't start work for a day. I got the bike back 3 days later!
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