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Valve Adjustment

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Has anyone here had the valve adjustment or done one? I questioned the Yam dealer here and they said that they had never done an adjstment on the Stryker. The 1300 engine yes but not on a Stryker. This may not be a big deal but I cringe everytime I have to take any vehicle in for service. That is why I do most of my own work. We've all been ripped-off before but it's not the money that concerns me...it's the quality of the work. BTW, The estimate was 3 hours at $75/hr.
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I spoke with the service guy at Yamaha Saturday about my 600 mile tune up and he said that he wanted to check the valves but it was included in the $200 price.
Yea, I was thinking the same thing. The service guy said he just wants to make sure they seated properly. I assumed the $200 initial tune up is a requirement to keep the warranty up and going. Is that inaccurate?

I figured the oil change would run around $50 to $60 and the rest is to pay for the labor of tightening the belt, the suspension check, etc....
They agreed to do the lowering wishbones from PCS for me for $99. I started to just do it myself but the bolts were so **** tight and I didn't have anyone help to me. Seems like a fair deal to me, but what do yall think?
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