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Vance and Hines Big Radius, sell, options etc

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So before I bought the big radius pipes... I asked a lot of people if it would cause issues with my leg/heat.... the general consensus was no....but it does with my short legs :)

I always find myself having to put my foot and calf on the outside of the peg, to avoid the heat... which makes my leg feel uncomfortable. I do not want to put an ugly heat shield on the bike.... and when I originally posted... I asked if there was a way to move the pegs and brake out a bit, and it seems there was no easy set up available.

Now, I am thinking about selling the pipes and going with the straight ones...
what kind of value should I put on these? Used for about 1000kms? I bought them at lean and mean last season.

Any other options or input would be appreciated
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Bummer about the heat. I was in the same boat with a 28" inseam. I had a bad feeling about that turn pipe and my short legs. If they're in excellent condition, I bet you could probably sell for 80% of what you paid if you're patient enough.
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