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Vance and Hines Big Radius

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I'm getting ready to replace the exhaust and decided to go with the V&H Big Radius. I want to get it in black (not heat wrap) but all I found is in chrome, the only black ones i have seen are on the L&M installation video and one other guy posted on youtube. I really love the sound of the V&H but also want the blacked out look. Can anyone tell me where can i get the Big Radius in black? Thanks!
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SmokenJOE said:
the link is Cobra's swept...so the Cobra swept is my other option for the similar shape. Thanks SmokenJoe.
Axorr said:
StrykerFunk said:
The last time I was at the L&M site, I didn't see them available in black. I ordered the chrome from Dennis Kirk and then had a local company powder coat them in ceramic. Less than $200 to have everything coated, pipes, heat shields and clamps.
Nice! I would love to do that - I like the larger look of the V&H to the Cobra.
But I prefer the black pipes...
That's the reason I chose the V&H over the Cobra, the Cobra seems less muscular...lolz

Thanks StrylerFunk, i'll look into powder coat everything.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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