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Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered

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Just when I was getting ready to pull the trigger on the Cobra swept pipes I saw Phat performance listing Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered in black. It shows it as a pre-order, with no indication of a ship date. I went ahead and ordered them. I am supposed to recieve an email telling me expected ship dates. I guess if the wait time is too crazy I may back out and go with the Cobra's(I'm afflicted with impatience disorder).
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Here's my 2 cents ;D I would wait for the Vance and Hines. Everytime I speak to other riders who have put exhaust on their bikes, the honest ones who don't mind admitting they were wrong, say if they could do it again they would not have put Cobras on. I have never met one who says they wouldn't have put Vance and Hines on. That must tell you something. Also if you look at customizers, like OCC and others, if they don't construct their own exhaust they put on Vance and Hines. Just something to think about.

Oh ya. Unless your putting on a performance air intake, don't throw away your money on a fuel programmer. You don't need it on exhaust.
Well I already added my 2 cents, but I just found another penny. ;D I'd still wait. I don't want to be riding my bike next year and see someone with the exhaust I want and go "DAMM" :( I'm waiting also, but in another way. The exhaust I want is a Vance and Hines, but they don't make it for the Stryker. They make it for a few Harleys. SO I am going to wait and see what happens next season and if still no, then look at buying it and having someone make it fit. ;D
The Big Radius 2 into 2. Look on V and H website and look at the 2 into 2 that goes on the Harley Rocker. Its not the same as the 2 into 2 that goes on the Stryker. 8)


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Just love the looks of that exhaust. I'm sure it sounds as bad ass as it looks. 8)
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