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Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered

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Just when I was getting ready to pull the trigger on the Cobra swept pipes I saw Phat performance listing Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered in black. It shows it as a pre-order, with no indication of a ship date. I went ahead and ordered them. I am supposed to recieve an email telling me expected ship dates. I guess if the wait time is too crazy I may back out and go with the Cobra's(I'm afflicted with impatience disorder).
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I am planning on it, just hope the wait isn't too long.
I am hoping to get some info from Vance and Hines, but am skeptical since they haven't responded to others on here. I did go to their website and found that the Suzuki c50/m50 has exhaust under the same name. I am thinking that the design for our Stryker's would be pretty close to those, but I could be completely wrong.
Unfortunately there is really no way to really know. All the youtube videos in the world will never really give you the best example of sound/tone, so unless you have a real side by side comparison option, who can tell. V&H seems to get a little more praise than cobra, but personally I have no history with either. I ran hardkrome on my vstar 1100 and they kicked ass. As for the fuel programmer, I am going to hold off and see how the pipes do on their own. I have talked to several mechanics and they have told me that I shouldn't need one with just pipes. I have read all the debates on here about it. If there is a need for one I will make that decision at that time, but right now I can't afford to drop 400-600 up front based on others perceptions of "optimal" performance.
I just received an email from Phat Performance. They said there is a backorder on these pipes of 3+ weeks. They asked me to respond if I wanted to keep my order open and wait. I guess I will wait it out and hope that it is on the good side of 3+.
So I emailed Phat performance to see if there was any update. Now they are saying mid-August before these pipes are available. I would switch to something else (cobra swepts etc.)but there seems to be nothing available at all right now.
I haven't seen any pictures either, but they do have some for the Suzuki boulevard m50. I would guess they would be pretty similar.
Looks like I will be getting my Cobra fi2000r today, and my Cobra air intake by early next week. Now I have to just sit and wait for my pipes :'(
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