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Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered

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Just when I was getting ready to pull the trigger on the Cobra swept pipes I saw Phat performance listing Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered in black. It shows it as a pre-order, with no indication of a ship date. I went ahead and ordered them. I am supposed to recieve an email telling me expected ship dates. I guess if the wait time is too crazy I may back out and go with the Cobra's(I'm afflicted with impatience disorder).
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I think the cobra swepts look good! I want to black out the case covers to add to the look.


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Does anyone have a picture of what the Twin slash staggered looks like on the stryker? I cant find one anywhere.
I haven't seen any pictures either, but they do have some for the Suzuki boulevard m50. I would guess they would be pretty similar.
Looks like I will be getting my Cobra fi2000r today, and my Cobra air intake by early next week. Now I have to just sit and wait for my pipes :'(
V&H has a picture on their website, under the METRICS page, but just as a scrolling pic in the center of the page ... the rep said he has them on his shelf, but hasn't sold more than 5 since they were released in late Aug. I'm gonna get 'em.
those look sweet but I'm happy with my Cobra swepts
That is awesome looking.
Actually like the look of the stock but not the tone, so I would definitely go with
the V&H pipes. Love the look.
For those that went with the V&H pipes in chrome. Did they come with
an existing bung hole for you to plug your O2 sensor into???
I just ordered a set of the VH black twin slash staggered pipes. I like the simplicity of these. $469 and fee shipping..can't beat that. Now I hope they sound as good as they look.
Johnboy, did you order from Phat's?? What type of ETA/shipping date did they give you?
I orderd them from Phat Performance. It looks like they are drop shipping these direct from V&H,
Price: Status:
1 of : Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered Black Exhaust - Stryker
$469.95 Drop Shipped - Tracking Info Not Available
Midlife on page 2 of this thread there is a captured photo of the pipes. If
you search on "vance and hines 48419" you can see many more photos
of the pipes but on other bikes.
What model exhaust are those on the HD on page two. Those r freakin sweeeeet!

Modified: Nevermind I figured it out. I wish the 2 into 2 for the Stryker were shorter like the HD option.
Guess what was on my door step when I got home tonight? Unbelieveable...ordered them on Monday and they are here already. Way to go Phats and V&H!!! I am havin fun this weekend.
Awesome, I cant wait to see em.
those look sweet Johnboy, looking forward to seeing your pics
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