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Vendor deal for the board.

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I told you guys I have a connection and I wanted to pass this along, I have worked out a deal so you can get 10% off any online order, they are a low and mean distributor along with other parts..some of you have mentioned them before. Like a lot of things I do, I don't do this for my own benifit, I have no stake hold in things...I just like to help people out if I can.

If you go to http://www.elitemotosports.com/ and use SSF10 at checkout you will get the 10% off. free shiping on orders over99.

Yes I do know the owner and he's proven to me to be an honest hard working family man, but this was something I asked for to share with the forum, as I have done a bit of spending with them and I like this forum so that's my motivation. The stryker isn't my only bike...so anyway just wanted to pass it along.

If anyone is interested in getting either a chrome set of wheels it can be done via exchange or a send in and wait type of thing. That is just coming online soon, but if your interested you can give em a call.
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Well both my father, for his Raider and myself for the Stryker ordered our Reaper front fenders from them. Fast delivery and easy to deal with. Will not hesitate to order from them again. Sent them a e-mail last week and got a response the next day. Asked that they put photos up for the Stryker parts. Want to see a photo of the finished Low and Mean seat pan that they have. Deal with them. Their prices are lower then the Low and Mean site and now with 10% its even better. Funny I put out a post about a month ago about this site. ;D Going to have to think about maybe ordering the unfinnished seat pan now.
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