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Vendor warning - Majestic Powder Coat and Restoration in China Grpve NC

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Below is from the Raider forum (just thought I would pass it along as info for those in the NC area). I don't know anything other than the story told, but will at least give others info on the shop should they choose to use it:


Just a note for everyone to never use Majestic Powder Coat and Restoration in China Grpve NC. The dude is a wack job and unfortunately found that out after the work was done. He had done some painting for me in the past which was always fine, but had never wrenched on my bike. NEVER LET THE DUDE WRENCH ON YOUR BIKE.

I got mine back and he had broken 4 parts. I'm still in court issues with him at this time. He broke off a rotor bolt in the rear wheel which I had to have machine shop repaired. He tried to chemically stip my sissy bar on his own and ruined it and blamed it on "crappy pot metal" which an actual chrome shop had to repair, had to re-paint my wheels which were missing powder coat in areas and then I get home and my right sdie peg control is broken....to the tune of $400. It appears he dropped it on something or jacked up the whole weight of the bike on the peg. At least it is fixed now but I feel the need to forwarn people. He tried to hide it with what I think is Bondo. Needless to say it didn't survive the 12 mile ride home and a bath.

I have photo's he sent me before pic up with an open can of spray paint right beside my bike. I didn't put the two together till I found the part broken. Can you believe in court he said it was for his brother who was painting his helmet, but out of the frame? Needless to say the judge ruled in my favor. It has been a 2 month ordeal still not completely setteled. STAY AWAY. FAR FAR AWAY.
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It wasn't me, just thought it would be beneficial for others to have the info :)
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