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Veterans Day

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Happy Veterans day all my fellow Veterans, have a great day.
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We may all come from different backgrounds and branches of service but we are all brothers in the fight for freedom. Happy Veterans Day my brothers.
Elle said:
Thank you Veterans! I know the sacrifice you make everyday. I have 2 sons currently serving in the Navy and lost my middle son in Iraq, Thanksgiving Day, 2005. If you’re deployed, please stay safe. If you are home, I hope that you have many friends and family to hug you!

Much love always to our military!
Sorry for your loss Elle. Your son will never be forgotten. People tend to forget about how much the families have to sacrifice when we deploy. I as well as many others in the world thank you and your family for your sacrifices. We would not be able to carry out our missions without you on the home front. I salute you and your family!! Thank you!!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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