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Veterans Day

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Happy Veterans day all my fellow Veterans, have a great day.
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Veterans, Soldiers of the American dream. Veterans endure the hardships of everyday life just as any other American does everyday… but the veteran see these hardships differently than others… the Veteran sees the value of Family… not better, just differently.. he sees the sacrifice his children make when all the other fathers walk their children to school, he sees the unimaginable fear his wife must endure after the news reports “soldiers killed in a gunfight overseas” and no phone call comes for days… or weeks. He takes comfort in the simple phone call he can occasionally make home… usually at odd hours in the wee morning, while the kids are asleep… how he would love to hear their voice… but would rather not wake them… or of the holidays missed… Sitting at the table for Thanksgiving… watching as the Family unwrap presents on Christmas… or how a friend of the family dies… and he can’t go to the funeral, because of the mission… These are the hardships Veterans have endured… same as everyone else…
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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