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vht flameproof ceramic paint

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has anyone tried using the vht flameproof ceramic paint to coat the v&h big radius, since it only comes in chrome. I really liked the look of the black pipes .
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It is extremely hard to get any primer to adhere to the chrome heat shields. You would need to sand with a very abrasive paper then use a phosphoric acid to etch the shields. The second problem is that the VHT flameproof paint is a ceramic based coating that requires it to be heated up and cooled down several times to properly seal and set the ceramic. That is hard to do unless you have an oven. Some people install pipes and run engine for 20 minutes, then cooldown and repeat at least one more time. My problem is that I cannot ever get the pipes installed back on without screwing up the fresh uncured paint. I have a 2011 Raven which had the dark Charcoal gray pipes. I removed all paint down to bare metal then prepped with phosphoric acid, primed with VHT grey primer 2 coats, 2 coats of VHT Black, and 2 coats of VHT clearcoat. The black VHT flameproof is a flat black. If you want any shine at all then you will have to use clear on topcoat. Let us all know if you do paint over the chrome and what your process was. Thanks and good luck bro.
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