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vht flameproof ceramic paint

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has anyone tried using the vht flameproof ceramic paint to coat the v&h big radius, since it only comes in chrome. I really liked the look of the black pipes .
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BillyD66 said:
Tough call because for the paint to adhere well you probably need to really scuff the pipes up. I'm just too much of a whimp to do that to shiny new pipes!! Now if knew I had painting skills I wouldn't be worried at all...

Best of luck and show us pictures when you are done.
So many people on this forum have inspired me to try things I would have been too chicken to without their posts and the like.

The bike is cool to start with but some of the changes really improve things IMO.
Yeah, you really need to do some mods and join the ranks of the modders. lol ;)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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