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Vibration reduction using products like the Vibranator or Bar Snake

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Does anyone have experience with these products, or other products designed to reduce or eliminate the handlebar vibration? Any input would be appreciated! :)

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Never seen that particular product before, but I have the Star bar end weights and the Iso grips which eliminated my problems with numbing of my hands. I had the most problem with the throttle side, but no more.
Yes, me too - my throttle side hand takes a beating and goes numb inside of an hour. There is also a write-up about the Intiminators-I copied the link below. Any thoughts on that for vibration also?

Never seen those before either. Not sure if I want to mess with the internals of the forks though.
Hey AR- yes they do work. Before I changed the grips and added the weights, I was only getting 100 miles or so and was running out of different ways to grip the Throttle. Right hand was by far the worst. I seriously dont have any problems now. Should add I have the throttle rocker also which lets part of my palm rest on it while cruising. The rocker is adjustable for the right position where you hold throttle for cruising.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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