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Video on removing clearcoated decals....

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I can't seem to figure out how to embed a YouTube video, so links will have to do I guess.

This guy does an instructional video on removing clearcoated motorcycle decals, which has been a popular topic here for sure. His contention is that the tank itself was clearcoated before a decal and second clearcoat was applied. The upshot is that when removed properly, the tank should only need wet sanding and buffing to look like it never had decals.

I'm willing to try a lot of stuff, but this one is a point of no returner if you hose it. I was wondering if others found the logic reasonable or if someone that was planning to repaint would be willing to try this first.

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Fujums im gonna try it when i get around to affording new paint... i my do it anyways because i got a buddy that says he could could fix the scratches if i make any
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