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Viking Bags Flex/Bounce

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Hey guys, I bought a pair of Viking Bags a while back and I like them a lot but a buddy who was riding behind me made a comment that as I hit bumps, there's a noticeable "flex" or "bounce" in the bags. Taking a closer look at the bags I realize that this happens because the included hardware only mounts the top of the bags to the bike and there is no kind of support for the bottom of the bags

I took the bags off the bike for a little bit to see if there was a way I could add some sort of support for the bottom of the bags but I wasn't able to figure out a solid solution.

I had some emails back and forth with viking bags customer support and they assured me that the flex/bounce I'm seeing is normal and will not ruin or break the bags. The bounce the bags have kinda worried me, but I figure worst case scenario if they break or something I have this email thread now with customer support that I would be able to use to potentially get re imbursed or get replacement bags.

I know a handful of people here have had viking bags. What do you guys think of bags like this have a flex/bounce and do you think it's anything to be worried about?
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I inverted the mounts to bring the bags in closer to the bike. I haven't noticed any bounce or flex but then again I don't look back when I'm riding.
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