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viking bags worth it?

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I am in need of a bag and since i bought the bike the wife has been on me for spending money.... y'all know how it is, but honestly just wondering if anyone on here has this of something similar on their bike and pics are always a help. Also is the a repeatable company and do they provide a good product? I am eventually going to get sixers but can not convince/swing her just yet :). thks to all
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Here is a bunch of pictures from different angles. If you need something specific just ask. And it was kind of a pain getting it on the backrest. Still slides a little but that was using the poles that came with it and I still have a bunch of straps and buckles that came with the bag for other mounting purposes.
That doesn't look bad. I miss my saddlebags and I'm not sure I want saddlebags on my Stryker. That said, this would help with the occasional ride where I need some storage. How has it held up? Any loosening up or shifting? Just how much can you load up?
The bag is holding up really well. Hasn't loosened up since I put it on the bike. They sell a bigger version on the same bag. But this bag is big enough for me. I mainly use the bag for work.

The bag will fit my jacket liner, a sweater, my combat boots, uniform top and pants. That's all I can put in it. But that's all I need it to do.

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That's plenty! Might have to get one of these..thanks Nathan!
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