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Weak starts!

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I went out of state this past weekend and once returning home, I obviously had to get the Stryker out. Well when I went to start it, it sounded like the battery was low on juice, but not so bad that i thought anything of it. Rode it for a few miles and parked it for the night.. Following morning I go to start her up to take off for work, and it's now like the battery is almost dead... I pressed the start button and the motor wound, very very slowly and stopped. I then released the button.. and pressing it again got it to fire up. I drove it to work parked it there and let it sit for a few hours until lunch time today. Got on it at lunch, started right up no problem... drove up to the gas station < 2 miles from my place of work to get a drink turned it off came back out and did the samething.. sloooowly the motor wound until it quit, i released the start button pressed it again and it fired up. It happened once more on a shorter ride today as well. I'm curious as to whether anyone else has had this issue or what it might be, I think its the battery but the way it's acting Im just not sure.. the only electrical modifications I've made are installing an HID kit, and it's been on the bike since last year with no issues so I know it's not a faulty wiring job if that would even affect it.. Thanks in advance for any information and help on this.. It's so upsetting because it's only got 2k miles on her.
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Low Battery..............give it a good run and probably never happen again.
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