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I sent him a message with a copy of this thread link, so if
you can explain the problems here....hopefully he will be able
to fix it. Ace is the man!!

I also sent him another request about the possibility of another
moderator since I havent seen redstar around in quite sometime.
I think you guys need a stryker owner here in order to keep the
so called.......or percieved prejudice down. I, in know way shape
or form, want people to think that I am pushing anything on them.
I know you guys love your bikes and I truly appreciate that. I just
wanted to help get the mod bug rolling and I think I have done that,
unfortunately for you guys, I am not a stryker owner so the only way
to show you my entusiasm is showing pics of my bike.

Dont get me wrong...I wont kiss anyones @ss either. I will give a
true opinion if you ask me......No doubt!

Hopefully we can get this fixed soon
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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