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Welcome Cobra!

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We would like to welcome Cobra as our newest supporting vendor!

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If I may ask our Cobra sponser, I would like to recommend that you send a special Cobra Sticker to all the lady riders on this forum. And if you can put my name real small on corner that would be great! If not, I will go home and drink a few beers in my garage and put a BAD ACE Chine on my pipes with both hands!

yeah I did, he said the problem was the 31t and I need a 30t. But I don't know anyone with the tools to help me change it and don't want to pay the dealer to do it if they even would. He did not mention anything about the adjuster inside the unit.. I am currently trying out different setting to see what works best but maintains my Mpg

You know I have the tools Mike, Im just missing that 12 pack! Im only 12 miles from you.
Kool man, I like the way it rides now so as long as my mpg is good then I'm fine, if not I will buy the pulley and a 12 pack and head your way :)

Hey wheres that 12 pack? lets put that pulley on! Hey I saw a commercial on MTV about the about the RNH girls on a TV series.
My Favorite one there is Clair, I saw her on the previews. No wonder I have not seen her at RNH lately.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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