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Well it finaly hit the auction!

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Well guys and gals, it finaly hit the auction. Now to see if it goes low enough to buy back and fix, our just sell for parts? Here are some pics of the beast, they didn't even clean off the blood and guts? Hopefully it keeps the price down! ;D


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So Straightjacket, if you are thinking of buying it back, you must be planning on Having a Stryker again? If it was me I would buy it back if I could get it cheap enough just to use the engine to put a cam, bore it etc. and have a Stryker to swap the motor when it was ready. ;D Fun in the sun.
Hope your healing up good my friend. I'm going on three weeks from my neck surgery and all is well. Get my brace of in 3 more weeks and hopefully back on my bike in 6 or 7 weeks from now.
Straightjacket said:
Nice Toby! I'm glad your on your way back to the bike. When you get back on LMK and well go for a ride. Hopefully the surgery will keep you off your bike in the snow! ;)
I'm doing better every day, and was able to get out this weekend and put some miles on the replacement bike! We had a beautiful weekend and I logged in about 230mi. and hit the Willits toy run! As far as frame damage goes??? It's very hard to tell without tearing down the bike. I could go and try to preview it, but with the covers it's still hard to tell? I think if I can pick it up cheap enough for parts would be the only way? If the frame was bent I could cut the headtube out and do my first frame? Oooh a ridged!!! ;D That would be BadA$$! This is the replacement for now. Still trying to figure out if it's what I want?
Straightjacket, great to hear your riding again. As soon as I get the green light from the doc we will be down on our bikes to see you as long as the weather allows it. Some tines in January and February we get warm enough weather to ride. Already put the horses out to pasture down there for the winter. So even if when we go check on them we aren't on the bikes we will stop in and say hi. What kind of bike did you get?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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