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Went for a ride this evening

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Took the Stryker to a local bike meet tonight. It was only 10 degrees C so we wrapped up warm. The inevitable happened and we got rained on a bit.
Didn't detract from the enjoyment though. I need to get some miles in. Done 390 now. Hoping to do a few more this week to get her up to the first oil change.

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Get some miles on there.....got 600 more waiting for you in Maggie Valley
Jan from what I'm hearing there's going to be a convoy leaving out of Elberton headed to Maggie Valley...if everyone that says they riding up from there shows up.
canyon1 said:
What is this ride of which thee speak? Through Georgia ? I would like to ride with some other Strykers too.
If all their plans go right they should be leaving Brunswick on July 30th spending the night in Augusta and then meeting up with the other riders in Elberton the next day for Rally in Maggie Valley.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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