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Went for a ride this evening

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Took the Stryker to a local bike meet tonight. It was only 10 degrees C so we wrapped up warm. The inevitable happened and we got rained on a bit.
Didn't detract from the enjoyment though. I need to get some miles in. Done 390 now. Hoping to do a few more this week to get her up to the first oil change.

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canyon1 said:
I thought you lived near Camelot where it only rains at night, by morning the clouds must disappear. Or was that Sherwood forest ?
I live near a theme park called Camelot. Really wish it only rained at night. Would be a dream. ;)
Nice pics Toby. I have been riding for 11 years now since I went back to biking. I still feel like a learner everytime I go out though and am very wary of other road users. I love to open up on an open clear road but there aren't many of them here. When I got on the Stryker again last night with my new seat it took me a while to get used to it again. I need a long ride really.
I only had my midnight Star a year and got used to that. Before that I had my 1100 v star for 8 years.

Gonna go out again at weekend to get my bike up to the 600 mile service. Need to change the oil and filter and then do it again before we ship the bikes over in July. ;D
I get more excited about it every day. I am surprised I haven't started packing yet.

I can't wait to meet evryone. Just been scanning the member map to see who is near where we are going.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
I will get it to 600 this weekend. Planning a ride to an accessories shop 90 miles away. It will definitely be broken in on the way to the port for shipping as well. It is about 300 miles to the South coast for us.

Sounds exciting. Convoy! ;D
Correct RK. The posse will be leaving Elberton sometime on the 31st July Yeehah! ;D
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