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Went for a ride this evening

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Took the Stryker to a local bike meet tonight. It was only 10 degrees C so we wrapped up warm. The inevitable happened and we got rained on a bit.
Didn't detract from the enjoyment though. I need to get some miles in. Done 390 now. Hoping to do a few more this week to get her up to the first oil change.

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Hey Jan glad to hear you are getting so saddle time. Rain or shine you need all the experience you can get on that Stryker before you hit the states. Loren and I,(my wife), got out on Sunday for a 100 mile ride. First time in almost 2 months. She need to get some saddle time in too before we hit the road this summer. She only has about 5,000 miles total riding experience and less than 4,000 of that is on her 950. The weather was beautiful 70+ degrees, snow melting, waterfalls everywhere. It was nice to be able to wear one pair of pants and a jacket over a t-shirt and go. A lot of deer out and oh bugs/whops butterflies etc.
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