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Went for a ride this evening

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Took the Stryker to a local bike meet tonight. It was only 10 degrees C so we wrapped up warm. The inevitable happened and we got rained on a bit.
Didn't detract from the enjoyment though. I need to get some miles in. Done 390 now. Hoping to do a few more this week to get her up to the first oil change.

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StrykerJan said:
I get more excited about it every day. I am surprised I haven't started packing yet.

I can't wait to meet evryone. Just been scanning the member map to see who is near where we are going.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
If you don't break in your bike before you come to the states, you can get it done on the ride to Maggie. From Brunswick, it is 425 miles via Augusta. See you in Elberton, we'll have at least 11 bikes and maybe(?) a couple of cars.
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