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What flaws have you discovered about your Stryker ?

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I can honestly say that I have only one thing that I do not like about the Stryker and that is the lag in the drivetrain. Some people refer to this as slop. I also have a Harley Shovelhead, which has absolutely no lag no matter which gear I am in. At first I thought this was a difference in torque in the two bikes, but now I am not so sure. Maybe it is a difference in gearing. To overcome the problem, I have learned to slip the clutch slightly especially when shifting from first to second. This is a very minor fault and I have to say that the Stryker is way more fun than the Harley and I really love it. The best part of it for me is the accelleration. The fact that is the best looking bike out there is a big plus ! I recently read a review on the Ducati Diavel in whcich the writer praised the bike's performance but was not so complimentary about it's appearance. His closing comment was, "At some point you have to park the bike and look at it". I agree.
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Toby said:
I've started out in 2nd one time. One contrary to what the reviews say it's not that smooth. Also I've never felt a clunk in 1st and wonder exactly what you guys are feeling? Is it when it engages all the way? And at what speed are you at when the clutch is all the way engaged? And am I the only one that has not felt this?
toby i think they are talking about a clunk type feeling when you downshift to first when slowing to a stop. Mine seems to do this every now and then...not a big deal to me. Lets me know im definitely in first
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