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What flaws have you discovered about your Stryker ?

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I can honestly say that I have only one thing that I do not like about the Stryker and that is the lag in the drivetrain. Some people refer to this as slop. I also have a Harley Shovelhead, which has absolutely no lag no matter which gear I am in. At first I thought this was a difference in torque in the two bikes, but now I am not so sure. Maybe it is a difference in gearing. To overcome the problem, I have learned to slip the clutch slightly especially when shifting from first to second. This is a very minor fault and I have to say that the Stryker is way more fun than the Harley and I really love it. The best part of it for me is the accelleration. The fact that is the best looking bike out there is a big plus ! I recently read a review on the Ducati Diavel in whcich the writer praised the bike's performance but was not so complimentary about it's appearance. His closing comment was, "At some point you have to park the bike and look at it". I agree.
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Saltyseafarer said:
Cheesy a$$ horn = flaw replaced mine with a PIAAA duel Slimline
Oil sight bubble = seriously lacking especially with the 45 degree slant while on the kickstand
Kickstand = flaw WTF! down here in the sunny south you run across a lot of thin melty asphalt in parking lots, I've left a few divots where the stand was startin' to sink in. The wild angle puts more weight to bear on the stand, just a poor design.

. . . . . . a parking puck from Cycle Gear is now in my bag works like a champ.

The pipes I don't mind, visually it was one of the things that first caught my eye, I wish the sound was better, but a drill can help that a little.
First gear drive-train engagement CLUNK! = disappointing WTF Yamaha you can do better. I am used to it now, the stuttering at low speeds between gears is offset by learning to use the clutch appropriately. But that 1st CLUNK is definitely tacky.
I was beginning to think that the CLUNK in first was something that was wrong with my bike.....was actually thinking of taking it in for service till I read your post.......Is this normal for everyone else's strykers? Can this be fixed by adjusting clutch?
Mine clunks very hard when shifting into first, whether from neutral or from second, Moving or stopped. Its a very hard clunk. Kind of shakes the bike a little. People I ride with can hear it from their bikes while next to me....even over V&H Pipes. with the clunk, Its true, you definatly know when your shift into first.
If thats the my biggest complaint.........Makes it very easy to love this bike
I would say that the key location is slightly annoying. Would be better on the side as to allow more storage room below the shield.
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