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What flaws have you discovered about your Stryker ?

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I can honestly say that I have only one thing that I do not like about the Stryker and that is the lag in the drivetrain. Some people refer to this as slop. I also have a Harley Shovelhead, which has absolutely no lag no matter which gear I am in. At first I thought this was a difference in torque in the two bikes, but now I am not so sure. Maybe it is a difference in gearing. To overcome the problem, I have learned to slip the clutch slightly especially when shifting from first to second. This is a very minor fault and I have to say that the Stryker is way more fun than the Harley and I really love it. The best part of it for me is the accelleration. The fact that is the best looking bike out there is a big plus ! I recently read a review on the Ducati Diavel in whcich the writer praised the bike's performance but was not so complimentary about it's appearance. His closing comment was, "At some point you have to park the bike and look at it". I agree.
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jncfix said:
Just broke a 1000 miles on my 2011. Everything feels likes it coming together great. The things that I Don't like are, The extreme throttle sensitivity or surging. The "Tall" gearing (55 mph in 4th feels normal) and the usual seat and horn. My biggest peeve would be the gearing. If your cruising around the city (30 mph)it's hard to get out of 1st gear. A o2 sensor from a v star will fix the surging. Don't get me wrong, the more I drive it the more I love it! Just a bit different from my previous bike, an 82 Virago 920, which you could tour the town in 2nd gear.
Do others have this same experience? I know I can cruise at 30 in 3rd gear without chugging as long as I'm not rolling on or off the throttle. Running an autotuner with slip on if that makes any difference.
I will check my bearings this week. On the FJR one of the first mods is to replace the steering head ball bearings with tapered roller bearings due the it becoming notchy in use.
The only real flaw I have run into was a TPS that went bad in under 400 miles to the point I had to keep the throttled twisted a bit at stops to keep it running. After the dealership changed it she ran fine and also the chugging was diminished to the point I rarely notice it anymore.

Cosmetically the only 2 things I don't like are the mufflers and 2 up seat. The exhaust on on stage to be changed today and the seat will be changed once I find a good leather worker in the Houston area and come up with a good design.
I am used to a Suzuki M50, which I have had for years, so this is bit different. I love the bike, but I wish it had more low end torque. I'd rather have the high end speed with the low rpms, given the choice though, so everything is a trade off. However, I am getting a whine from somewhere , depending on rpms, really notice it now that I had the windshield installed and am riding without a helmet. Any advice? Thought it might be the belt, but it really doesn't seem to be coming from there, but it's hard to tell when you are going down the road.
Agree with everyone else about the clunky shifts, but that's not a big issue with me.
Also, the M50 is shaft drive, so the drive train lash takes a bit of getting used to. Learning to slip the clutch a little more.
I've noticed that if I downshift to first while rolling at about the 12mph mark that the book recommends to shift at, the clunk almost disappears.
Drill the pipes, turn that throttle and forget about the whines and clunking!
No complaints here. I suppose all bikes have "character" depending on habits, riding style, etc. The more I ride the Stryker, the more I like it. Cosmetics don't count, but focusing on the other engineering characteristics of the bike such as lag or thunk or whatever, I've learned to simply shift sooner, or later, or faster, or alter the clutch squeese, or whatever. Japanese engines tend to be fast and hot, so they generally like more RPM rather than less. I have no worries doing 35 in second even if the engine screams a bit. It can be really grabby in first, so I just ride the clutch a bit in corners if I'm that slow. Regardless, I like it better than my previous Honda Shadow or Yamaha Virago. Never owned a sport bike or heavy cruiser, so I can't compare them.
loismustdie said:
Saltyseafarer said:
Cheesy a$$ horn = flaw replaced mine with a PIAAA duel Slimline
Oil sight bubble = seriously lacking especially with the 45 degree slant while on the kickstand
Kickstand = flaw WTF! down here in the sunny south you run across a lot of thin melty asphalt in parking lots, I've left a few divots where the stand was startin' to sink in. The wild angle puts more weight to bear on the stand, just a poor design.

. . . . . . a parking puck from Cycle Gear is now in my bag works like a champ.

The pipes I don't mind, visually it was one of the things that first caught my eye, I wish the sound was better, but a drill can help that a little.
First gear drive-train engagement CLUNK! = disappointing WTF Yamaha you can do better. I am used to it now, the stuttering at low speeds between gears is offset by learning to use the clutch appropriately. But that 1st CLUNK is definitely tacky.
I was beginning to think that the CLUNK in first was something that was wrong with my bike.....was actually thinking of taking it in for service till I read your post.......Is this normal for everyone else's strykers? Can this be fixed by adjusting clutch?
I was able to reduce it by turning the clutch adjustment out a turn and a half. I didn't want to go too far because I don't want to induce clutch slip or run out of thread. So far no slip. I might turn it out a bit more. Someone else mentioned that, while moving at least, if you go down into first at about 10 mph then it doesn't clunk. I found that also. In fact, i found that if you downshift too early it will clunk in pretty much every gear.

I don't really mind any of the other things others are mentioning except the exhaust sound; too 'George Jetson' sometimes. I'm thinking really hard about drilling the baffles but don't like that if I botch it there's no way to repair it.

Actually, the oil level window is pretty ridiculous. Without help from someone else or an extension mirror or some kind of bike stand, there's no way to check the oil level by yourself. Definitely NOT one of the bikes better features.
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The horn thing is just bad.

But the biggest complaint is the seat...it isn't really comfotable for much of a ride. I am having mine repadded through a upholstery shop and it will be done.

Mechanically, I am fine with it as-is. If I don't like some portion of it, I will just mod it.

This is a really, really nice motorcycle. It's a good platform to ride straight from the factory or to mod however far you want.
Went out today and it is still is hard to keep the darn thing under 80 mph gees. And it just wont hit 80 in 2nd gear gees.
Toby said:
Went out today and it is still is hard to keep the darn thing under 80 mph gees. And it just wont hit 80 in 2nd gear gees.
Well, I did notice that same flaw. I thought it was just me and I was just being petty.

It also draws too much attention. Takes too long to get gas with all of the gawkers and questions.
Wes said:
I really wish it had a tach..... it gets choppy coming off a turn or something, getting back on the gas, and having it bog down, and having to drop a gear...
feel the same way. i think if the gearing was a tad lower that would solve it. nothing like boggin or slippin the clutch in a turn.
I like the idea of a tach..my other bikes had one and it's something I miss. Has anyone added a tach? Any recommendations on what analog tachs look and perform well on the Stryker? I don't think they're expensive.
I just bought my Stryker last Monday and I am in no way complaining, but for $9500 I feel that we should get hand controls made out of metal instead of plastic. JMHO. I don't mind the plastic, but for the money metal controls would have been nice.
The engine is something I dont like, it has more funky sounds then a Disco bar. I don't like the short stroke, there is no lugging this bike because the transmission sounds like it will explode. I should have gotten the Raider.
If you want to lug the bike and are looking for torque from a big air-cooled v-twin...ur right.
I hate how much of it is made of crappy plastic and fake chrome. The swing arm looks like it was never quite finished. But the biggest problem (biggest because it would solve all the other problems) is the lack of aftermarket
8500 miles and mine still clunks.... I've just gotten used to it, there is no mistaking it for any other gear than first techzpod mobdro download
I like the clunk. Lets me know when I am in first. Anybody out there NEVER pulled away from a stop in 2nd thinking you were in 1st? ;)


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I like the clunk. Lets me know when I am in first. Anybody out there NEVER pulled away from a stop in 2nd thinking you were in 1st? ;)
Me too, It's like throwing a hammer!, :)
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