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Some may know I offer the other brsnds of custom faceplates for the Stryker. So I thought I would share some info here since I do not ride a Stryker. I am not one of those who don't ride and know nothing about motorcycles. I ride and enjoy modding them too. But w/work & house stuff. I do not get to ride as often as I would like. My major mod time is during the winter when I do not want to ride.
Here are some pics of my bike w all the mods from last winter.


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Thanks guys! Put alot of time into her getting her the way I want. (still not fnished) Some of it was easy. Someof it was a PIA. Tank was the hardest as it had nothing in common w/Raider. Warriors pull their fuel from front of tank andmount over some rubber grommets in front. Raider bolts down Fnt & Rear and pulls fuel from rear of tank.
Parts as followsfor my custom build:
Grips = Victory
Speedo= Dakota Digital
Tank = Warrior
Gas cap = R1
Chrome covers (between cylinders)= HD
Pipes = Warrior
Frnt fndr= Low n Mean
Mirrors= HD (aftrmrkt LED)
Graphics= Tattooed Ride
Barons supplied the master cylinder covers and bars
Mustang supplied the seat
She was red but had everything redone over the winter to black which I like better anyway.
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