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What is the downside of lowering your bike?

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Enquiring minds need to know :)

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Didn't someone say they also scrapped the frame after lowering also? To me, not worth high siding!
The tire will bottom out before you hit hard parts unless you are in a turn. If you are in a hard turn where the road angles and you hit a dip/pothole/bump you will hit the tail pipe, tail pipe mount and end of the frame. The bike is sill surprisingly stable as it never once felt like it wanted to stand up or throw me off track.
Putting a 240 helped a lot but you will still hit with the 2.25" drop. It's happened to me riding solo but in somewhat extreme circumstances. I weigh 150 lbs. You can avoid this if you are cautious and know your corners. But there is always the chance of surprise so I leave plenty margin of error where any hard cornering is and I haven't hit in a long time. Wont change it unless I plan on 2 up ridding.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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