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Which Brake Pads fit the Stryker?

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Brake Pad Model #'s for the Stryker.


Organic = FA179
Sintered = FA179HH

Organic = FA319/2
Sintered = FA319/2HH
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Re: Which Brake Pads do I get?

SFCMcGan said:
Truthfully.. there are basically 3 types of brake pads for a motorcycle.. Organic (cheapest), Ceramic and Sintered(most expensive)
Organic usually are the OEM or factory brakes because they are the cheapest. The do wear slightly faster, but are usually quiet(less Squeak). But also don't have great wet stopping characteristics. These tend to fade much more rapidly than the other 2.
Ceramic are considered the best for motorcycles due to the rapid heat dissipation and high wear longevity, and don't wear on the rotor as much as the Sintered. They tend not to squeal nearly as much as Sintered ones, and have the best wet stopping properties. Tend not to Fade as much as organic ones.
Sintered have the best wear and heat dissipation, but are hardest on rotors basically it's metal on metal. thats not saying they are destroying your rotors. These also don't have great wet stopping characteristcs, and tend not to Fade as much.
Don't ceramics brake pads also leave less brake dust on the rim?
Re: Which Brake Pads do I get?

Stryker said:
Could of fooled me with the subject line Which brake pads do i get? :p
Yeah me too... ;D
So has anyone replaced the brake pads yet? If so which ones did you go with and did you notice a difference? I am replacing my brakes when I do the tires. I still have a couple of months left, but I like to have a plan..lol..
Natedog said:
Not yet, but I plan on it this spring/summer. I'm probably going to go with Sintered up front to hopefully get a little more stopping power out of that single disk. I'll stick with organic in the back since they are grabby enough.
I read that the sinisters will eat up the brake rotor. I am having a hard time finding a ceramic brake pads that will fit the Stryker.
I came across this article while searching for the best brake pads or brake pad combo for the Stryker.


I am leaning towards the Ceramic pads for the front and rear. Let me know whatcha think..

Enjoy the quick read.
OK, well I changed my brakes about 1.5 months ago. I decided to go with the EBC organic style brake pads. Well my opinion is that they suck! They feel very squishy, the brake dust is ridiculous and it seems it take more lever squeeze to stop the bike. I am debating on trying the sinister.

Has anyone put the sinister on their bike?
Hey Mike, yeah it s the pads... I guess squishy was the wrong word...lol.. It seems to take longer to stop bike.
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