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Which Brake Pads fit the Stryker?

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Brake Pad Model #'s for the Stryker.


Organic = FA179
Sintered = FA179HH

Organic = FA319/2
Sintered = FA319/2HH
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Re: Which Brake Pads do I get?

Some good info guys!

My intent here was to get a sticky thread going with the part #s of the different brands and types of brake pads. Sort of a one stop shop before you go out and buy. EBC was all that I found last night. Feel free to post here with any others.

:) I wasn't asking which ones I should buy :)
Not yet, but I plan on it this spring/summer. I'm probably going to go with Sintered up front to hopefully get a little more stopping power out of that single disk. I'll stick with organic in the back since they are grabby enough.
Odd. I assumed ceramic pads would be the same as ceramic rotors as in they don't work until they are hot.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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